Filip Liestam – Drummer in a recording session

In this project all contributors play and record their own parts at home. For guidance they can download a backtrack with an clicktrack and other needed files from a Nextcloud server to do their recording on the right timing. With the help of a piece of software called a DAW the contributor can turn their own home into a recording studio. The contributor then can make his recording. And when he is satisfied with the results he can upload his recordings on the projects own Nextcloud server . This must be all good quality to ensure the final result mix will be ok.

After the files been uploaded for all parts. The engineer can make a rough mix. Add some effects to it. And deliver a rough demo so all contributors can give their input. After that a final mix is being made. A video clip is being added. And then it can be published on our project website. And Youtube.

Until January 2019 we worked totaly without any deadline. We have more than 20 songs to record. And the recording process almost came to a halt in 2018. From January 2019 this is about to change slightly. Two songs are choosen to record and mix for the end of the year. And a deadline is added to two songs. This to ensure the project is not bleeding to its end. This year the Home of the Brave track and A Thousand Year track are choosen to finish in 2019.