November 2016 Richard was seeking musicians to create a cover of the Toto song A Thousand Years. He found Henk-Jan Wormgoor an amazing drummer with love for the way Jeff Porcaro played his drums. The discussion then started made Richard became even more enthusiastic to make a much bigger project. In January 2017 the Toto Tribute Project was born officially. Founded by Richard Trip.

10 April 2017 Marco Modesto was the first Collaborator to upload his (keys) parts on the track Burn! Short time after that recording Henk-Jan recorded his first test version on A Thousand Years.

In the beginning of this project Dropbox was used as a file server sharing and storing files. But the limitations on size for storing and sharing files became soon a big problem. So within short time period Richard found a solution to this problem. And then the first Nextcloud server was installed on a Ubuntu 16.04 server. Present day we upgraded the hardware and software to the most latest versions available.

Between Januari 2018 and December 2018 the whole project almost came to a halt. Marco Modesto finally choose to get out of the project. Because he felt he was the only musician working his ass off within this project. And the project almost completely stalled. December 2018 Richard decided to step off the idea No Deadlines. And set two deadlines on two tracks. A Thousand Years and Home of the Brave. Deadline date is April 2020.

Early 2019 this was paying off. The project rolling again! Richard contacted Jean Yves Meresse if he wanted to join our project. Within a week time Jean Yves uploaded his parts on A Thousand Years. And he is working now on Mushanga. And more in store for 2019!

More than 20 songs to cover and more than 30 enthusiastic musicians onboard. Numbers still growing.

We are a project almost without deadlines! To create an amazing Tribute to our hero’s!

Like to join us ? Please email to tototributeproject@hotmail.com