A Thousand Years

Drums – Henk-Jan Wormgoor

Keys – Jean-Yves Meresse

Guitars – Lorenzo Bellomo

Bass – Mark van Velzen

Lead Vocals – Marco Schuit

Backing Vocals –

Recording process:

This is the track this project was born on. Richard Trip wanted to record cover of A Thousand Years. As an Tribute to Toto. And while seeking for interested musicians he stumbled on Henk-Jan Wormgoor. An experienced drummer in online collabs. And playing live. With a huge respect for Jeffrey Porcaro. The enthusiasm for Richard grew after some discussions about Toto. And how to start-off making this cover.

Richard is an IT specialist and thought about how to create this online collab working just right. He started the project in first instance using dropbox. But before even a part was recorded he realized dropbox had his limitations in storage size. So he kept searching for a suitable replacement for dropbox to implement. Then he came up on Nextcloud. So he installed a server hosting his own Nextcloud on. Now Richard had almost unlimited storage. And it was very easy to manage. He got even more enthusiastic and decided to make this project a large project. With many songs of Toto to cover. With no deadlines.

Then the search started for new musicians who liked to join such an online Tribute to Toto. And the Toto Tribute Project Facebook page was born. Soon after that many musicians joined the project.

In the meanwhile Henk-Jan made his first test recording on this track. And soon after that he fine tuned a great final drum recording. This was done in spring 2017.

At the end of 2018 no other parts were recorded on this track. So Richard made set a deadline for two tracks including A Thousand Years. And Home o the Brave. Richard asked Jean-Yves Meresse to join in the project. Starting with the keys on A Thousand Years. He was very positive and jumped into the project. After a few days the keys parts were recorded. In the meanwhile Richard arranged. a guitar player Lorenzo Bellomo and bass player Mark van Velzen to record those parts before April 2020.