Status update

It’s summertime in Europe and most of us go on holiday. Or are just gotten back from a holiday. So its the same with the musicians in our project. But still we are ontrack with the two deadlines for A Thousand Years and Home of the Brave.

We have a new Bass player joining our project. His name is Wojciech Ciesiolkiewicz and a good bass player. Willing to do the bass parts for Falling in Between and Childs Anthem. I asked him to look into our project recording list and do the recordings on some bass parts for a active track(s) too. He is making his decision on that in a short while. So more news soon about his choices.

We are considering also to introduce Double part recording rule. That wil mean the planning sheet isn’t leading anymore! It will only count for the parts with a musician name on the planning sheet. But the recordings are not done. More news on this soon

Keep ya all updated,

Greetz Richard Trip

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