New year , new website and new goals!

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Another year went by. Not a very productive year for recordings in our project. But we have no deadlines. 2018 was a tough year for me personaly. Work and private matters ran me over. Like time was to short to win this race. And this would count for several of our collaborators too! And many of them have their own projects running allong too. So we are busy!

2019 is a year I want to record , mix and finish the Home of the Brave track. And the track A Thousand Years wich it all started with! A few new musicians are to be pulled inside our project. To get this thing done. Drums parts and keys part on those tracks are almost finished. So Bass, Guitars and Vocals have to be added to it!

And maybe it would be pleasant to get some help around in planning organising the whole project. So I will look for a person who could fit that role.

I know we will enjoy this ride, this year!


Richard Trip

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